Apple’s macOS Catalina launched this week, bringing with it the ability for developers to run iPad apps on Macs. At least in theory. Not all developers have been enthused by this. It’s not as seamless as Microsoft’s write once, run everywhere, nor is it as hands-off as Google’s Android apps on Chrome OS project. Developers do have to put in some work, while users may end up having to pay for apps twice on both platforms.

Netflix for one has yet to bring its app to the Mac and isn’t planning to s per a Bloomberg report.

Netflix already has a Windows 10 app which has creature comforts like offline support and picture-n-picture mode that would be pleasant on a mac. The firm also does the same for Googe’s Chrome devices.

On the other hand, while Microsoft’s and Google’s solutions require little work, they may have demonstrated to the firm that users prefer to make use of the app only on touch-enabled devices, explaining Netflix’s reticence to put in the work required for a Catalina app.

Source: Bloomberg