Netflix Android app to get playback speed controls tomorrow

by Rahul
August 2, 2020

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In an effort to let Android users watch content slower or faster, Netflix is said to be adding playback speed controls to its Android app. Android users will be able to stream at either 0.5x or 0.75x and for speeding things up on Netflix, there will be two playback options — 1.25x or 1.5x. These playback options will also be available for content that users download for offline viewing.

Users will have to adjust the playback speed for every single content on Netflix. In other words, the playback speed doesn’t remain active when you start watching something else — you’ll have to manually adjust the playback speed once again. According to The Verge, the new playback speed controls are coming tomorrow and will be available globally in the coming weeks.

The feature will work very similar to how playback controls work on YouTube, though, Google’s streaming platform gives you more options to speed up/slow down videos — besides 0.5x, 075x, and 1.5x, and you can choose quarter speed(0.25x) and double speed(2x) on YouTube.

According to Keela Robison, Netflix’s VP of product innovation, the feature is “much requested by members for years.” Last year, the company first announced that it’d bring playback controls to its Android app, meaning it took almost a year to develop the feature.

The new playback speed controls will also become available for iOS users and those who consume Netflix on the web in the future as the company is going to begin testing the new feature on its iOS app, and web version of the app.

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