Nearly 20% of leaving Blackberry fans planning to switch to Windows Phone 8




The news that RIM was pushing out their new, modern OS even further into Q1 2013 has left many Blackberry fans fuming and vowing to leave, often never to return.

According to a poll at, the leading Blackberry community site, out of 10,123 votes at the time of writing, a full 52.33% are planning to buy handsets from other operating systems and only 8.92% are planning to come back if RIM ever rights their ship.

Of those deciding to jump ship permanently, 47% are going iPhone, 34% Android and 19% are planning to buy a new Windows Phone 8 handset.

The news is significant, not because Windows Phone 8 could pick up 20% of the small 5% Blackberry US retail market share, but because 10% or around 10 million US subscribers still own Blackberry handsets, and 1 million of them picking up a Windows Phone 8 handset in Q4 2012 will give the OS a pretty good opening boost.

See the survey at Crackberry here.

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