Nearly 1 in 4 PCs Using Steam is Running Windows 8



Since Valve Corporation co-founder, and former Microsoft employee, Gabe Newell publically called Windows 8 a “catastrophe,” it’s been fun game to look at the Steam user statistics every month.

For the month of June we see PC gamers still prefer to use Windows, with a dominating 95.35% of OS share among Steam users. All versions of MacOS combined control 3.42% among Steam gamers, and Linux comes in at third with 1.13%.

For a further breakdown of Windows, Windows 7 still leads with 62.06%. Combining Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 we see 24.98% OS share among Steam gamers. Up nearly 2% from last month and up 5% from January of this year.  Windows XP usage still remains around 5% even though the operating system has hit end-of-life.

I suspect when DX12 is released we will see a further shift to Windows 8 off Windows 7 among gamers.

Source: Steam

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