NBA 2K19 has gone overboard: the licensed basketball game has introduced unskippable ads into the game during loading screens.

While the $60/£59.99 has bizarrely gotten away with advertisements in its loading screens for the past five months, the in-game ads have been ramping up in recent weeks.

In a flood of Reddit posts on the game’s official subreddit, fans have expressed their disdain for the ramped up occurrence. A post from yesterday titled, “Unskippable ads in a $60, f- you 2K” now has close to 13-thousand upvotes and a helping of Reddit gold.

An unskippable ad in NBA 2K19.

“Why does it change if the ad is unskippable anyway? Why are they there at all?” says one commenter. “Just experienced this. Ads on free mobile games is one thing. I’ve already paid for this… not cool.” says another.

With the game recently being sold at a huge discount on all platforms in America last week, just $3 for the whole game, fans are seeing 2K’s hustle for what it really is.

“Sell the game at a $3 price point to get an influx of players so they can pull this. Such a predatory company, it’s disgusting” one Redditor said.

Some Redditors have discovered that the ads can be turned off by turning off the game’s 2KTV setting in the options menu, but opting out of egregious advertisements isn’t right. With other premium games like Street Fighter V introducing in-game ads, it’s starting to become an infuriating and all-too-common occurrence.