NaviGame – new augmented reality MMORPG for the HTC HD2



quest_logo NaviGame is a new game MMORPG-type game which blends reality and the virtual world by using the many and varied sensors on the HTC HD2, including the GPS, , G-Sensor and compass.

At present the game consists mainly of planting virtual trees to gather resources, and having to travel physical distance to move from tree to tree (the board is about 100 KM big in real life).

The software uses  Philippe Wechsler’s free Tigre OpenGL engine

3 quests already implemented include:

QUEST 1: I’ve planted 10 trees on map (positions are bellow), your goal is to find one of them and get some seeds from it (Player -> Interact -> Extract -> Get seed). Note: Extract feature works only if you’re very close to tree. Now look into your inventory, Tree Seed should appear there. You can get another one or two from that tree.

QUEST 2: If you already have your own Tree Seed, you can plant your own tree wherever you want (I recommend some place near your home, it will be easier to get wood from it in future). Now how can you plant the tree? Simply select it in your inventory and click Action -> Drop. Tree will be visible for you and for every other player after restart of the game. Yes, the in-game world will be very dynamic… You can also get next seeds from your tree 😉

QUEST 3: Wait, until your tree grow (it takes a few hours). When you click „Extract“ on your tree, you can see how much of wood you can extract from it (Older tree = more wood). Now the real fun begins… Hold your phone like when you hold axe and make a move like with axe. Extracted value will raise and when you click OK, the extracted value will be added to your „Inventory“, just check it 😉 The tree you’ve extracted will be lost and you can plant another on that place.

Not the most thrilling missions yet of course, but its early days, and isn’t gold farming about 90% of WoW?

To get started read more at here.

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