NaviComputer on the way to Windows Phone, developer loves his new HTC Titan

NaviComputer goes Metro (Windows Phone 7) preview

At the end of last year we asked our readers to demonstrate their interest in Navicomputer, an off-line GPS navigation app for hiking and so forth, coming from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone 7.

At the time the developer was uncertain whether to go android or WP7, but the 800 votes WP7 got, vs the 200 for Android must have helped him make the decision.

He has started developing the app, and posted this preview above.

In the end he found Windows Phone 7 and his HTC Titan much more welcoming than he expected, writing:

Don’t be blinded by the success of Android and the bad market share of Windows Phone 7 and don’t be blinded by hardware specification numbers. Go try and compare it yourself to see which device and operating system fits your needs best. Personally I really like my HTC Titan with WP7.5 and would change neither any Android nor an iPhone against it.

He did however complain that the registration process was unnecessarily expensive and tortuous.

Read more about the app at Navicomputer here.  The developer is also accepting donations, with his link on his website.

Thanks Dan for the tip.