Naughty by Nature real, honest to goodness Windows Mobile Power Users

nbnI must admit when I first heard about naughty by Nature doing a Windows Mobile promotion I had assumed the group was just being paid to represent the device and the company.  It seems I could not have been more wrong.

"First and foremost, I am a Windows Mobile power-user," began Vin. "I’ve had these devices since the Treo and the iPhone and all of that, but once I got introduced to the Windows Mobile platform, I realized those were mini-PCs. For the past four years or so, I’ve just been riding with Windows Mobile devices – even before the iPhone came out."

Apparently Vin had a long list of Windows Mobile devices. "After the Tilt came out two years ago. I got that and I got one for my niece; we both gave the iPhone back because we were so used to all of the features and a physical keyboard on the Tilt."

Vin is even an XDA-Developer user “… I started going onto underground blog sites and saw that there were basically developers that hacked into that interface with custom themes for them.” He hooked up with master TouchFlo3D skinner Probex, and independently developing a Windows  Mobile app when fate struck when he ran into a Microsoft executive, who, as usual it seems, seemed to know less about Windows Mobile than the enthusiastic end users.

"He wasn’t even really aware of the Touch Pro 2."

The chance meeting led to a cross-promotional deal with Microsoft, currently involving a Facebook campaign, a HTC Touch Pro 2 give away and also a trip to see the band.  If all goes well it may just be the start.

“… Naughty By Nature will be the first group to do a major campaign with Microsoft and Windows Mobile."

Showing a good understanding for Windows Mobile’s current place in the market, Vin said: “It’s not just for businessmen with the white shirt and the tie. It’s a lot of kids out here. That’s particularly where Windows Mobile is getting out-marketed by the Sidekicks and the iPhones of the world. So it’s kind of a blessing in disguise that we found each other.”

Finally Vin again reinforced his Windows Mobile cred. “There’s a real artist – it’s not just a check for me, ’cause I’m a real user of this product, and I’d throw every other device out, ’cause that’s how passionate I am about it."

Read the full interview at HiphopDX here.

Thanks Craig S for the tip.

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