Nat Geo Photographer Stephen Alvarez Talks About How Smartphones Revolutionised Photography

Everyday millions of people share hundreds of millions of photos on the internet via social networking sites and other means. The real reason behind this is the reach of smartphones. Everyone of us are capable of capturing great images with our smartphones in our pocket all the time.

Smartphones haven’t just revolutionised the way we take photos, they’ve revolutionised how we share them, too.

As part of the Nokia Puerto Rico photography competition, Nokia made the winners of the competition to travel with National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez documenting a place called the “land of the great lords” by the original inhabitants, the Taíno Indians. You can watch some of the amazing photos and videos captured in the video above. Nokia is also planning to showcase some of the stunning photos taken by the winners.

As Stephen says, “We want to tell the stories, highlight our best memories, and engage with others. We want to share instantly, straight from the camera.”

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Source: Nokia Conversations