NASCAR champ Hendrick Motorsports transforms its business with Microsoft technology

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Hendrick Motorsports holds a record 11 car owner championships in NASCAR’s premier division. In order to keep its competitive edge, Hendrick is using Microsoft technologies to gather race-related data quickly enough to make time-critical decisions during races. They worked worked with Microsoft Services team to deploy Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Windows 10 and is now able to gather real-time data, communicate more efficiently between teams, and work seamlessly across devices.

Highlights about their deployment:

  • Hendrick has already upgraded all of its 600 employees to Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • By moving to Windows 10, their IT team says it’s seen a 64% reduction in installation and patch time.
  • Hendrick developed a customized proprietary universal Windows 10 app powered by the Microsoft Cloud to collect data and distill it quickly enough to inform decisions during a race.
  • Cortana Intelligence Suite, a feature of Azure Machine Learning, allows Hendrick to automate data flow. Teams can collect data from the car and timing and scoring feeds from NASCAR, push it up to the cloud for analysis, and then pull back information that’s valuable.
  • They deployed Microsoft Office 365 alongside Windows 10.
  • Employees were quick to start using OneNote to share notes and Skype for Business Online for videoconferencing and messaging teammates during practices and races, when engineers, coaches, and other staff are out on the track in a noisy environment.

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