2020 is going to be an important year for NASA. The US-based space agency has a very important space mission planned for this year which is currently known as ‘Mars 2020 rover mission’. In a recent student naming contest, NASA has chosen nine finalists who proposed names for the 2020 Mars rover. And now, to select one out of the proposed nine names, NASA wants your help.

There is not much that you need to do. In order to help NASA to choose the name for the 2020 Mars rover, all you have to do is cast your vote. You’ll have to pick your favorite one out of the nine proposed names. The result will be one criterion to select the final name for the 2020 Mars rover. You can vote for your favorite online at go.nasa.gov/name2020. Note, you’ve less than a week left to cast your vote as the voting closes at midnight EST (0500 GMT) on January 28.

The monikers and the students who proposed them are in the below list:

  • Endurance, K-4, Oliver Jacobs of Virgina.
  • Tenacity, K-4, Eamon Reilly of Pennsylvania.
  • Promise, K-4, Amira Shanshiry of Massachusetts.
  • Perseverance, 5-8, Alexander Mather of Virginia.
  • Vision, 5-8, Hadley Green of Mississippi.
  • Clarity, 5-8, Nora Benitez of California.
  • Ingenuity, 9-12, Vaneeza Rupani of Alabama.
  • Fortitude, 9-12, Anthony Yoon of Oklahoma.
  • Courage, 9-12, Tori Gray of Louisiana.

“After the poll closes, the nine student finalists will discuss their rover names with a panel including [NASA Planetary Science Division director Lori] Glaze, NASA astronaut Jessica Watkins, NASA-JPL rover driver Nick Wiltsie and Clara Ma, who earned the honor of naming the Mars rover Curiosity as a sixth-grade student in 2009,” NASA officials wrote in a statement.

“The contest will conclude in early March, when the rover’s new name — and the student behind it — are announced,” NASA officials added. “The grand prize winner will also receive an invitation to see the spacecraft launch in July 2020 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.”

For those unaware, the Mars 2020 rover mission is part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, a long-term effort of robotic exploration of the Red Planet. The mission is designed to hunt for signs of habitable environments on Mars while searching for signs of ancient life. The mission is timed for a launch in July/August this year.

via: Space.com