Name and shame your bad phone rep

bad-serviceCar Phone Warehouse
22a High Street,  Witney, Oxfordshire, Witney OX28 6HB
08000 494042
Reported By: Jonathan Rose
Visted: 2 November 2010
Sales person: Unknown
Phone: All WP7s
Issue:  Asked salesmen if they had any of the new Windows Phone 7 phones available, and he said, no we don’t have any to try, because people don’t want them, and we are trying to push iPhone and Android anyway.
Rating: 0

The above experience likely sounds very familiar to many Windows Phone 7 users when purchasing their phones.  We wrote about this issue in January this year, then suggesting users send our form letter to T-Mobile so they could address this customer service issue.

Robert McLaws is having another go at tacking the problem of cell phone sale reps turning buyers away from Windows Phones by collecting stories in as much detail as possible in his online OneNote page, which he intends to name and shame the worst offenders, possible in a form of a website.

If you had problems buying your Windows Phone let Robert know by filling in the template on this OneNote book here.