Nadella does not fear Trump backlash, claims its already creating high paying US jobs

Getting on the wrong side of the soon to be US President can be dangerous for share holders and therefore company executives, particularly if a large part of your business is conducted outside of USA.

Microsoft’s CEO however says Microsoft does not fear a 6 am tweet from Donald Trump, saying they are already doing enough as good US citizens.

“We’re a U.S.-based company that operates worldwide and our predominant employment is in the United States,” Nadella told CNNTech at the DLD tech conference in Munich on Monday. “We’ve already created a tremendous amount of high-paying jobs in the U.S.”

Microsoft employs more than 113,000 people worldwide, with 64,000 based in the USA.

Noting Trumps imperative to US companies to bring jobs home, Nadella said:

“If anything, we’ll double down on what we’ve always done, which is be a U.S. company that operates in the United States very responsibly, but also being a multinational company that contributes into every country that we work in.”

Nadella recently attended Trump’s tech summit with other leading US tech CEOs, and may be hoping that having an ex-Microsoft insider in the administration will help. Donald Trump has just appointed Chris Liddell as assistant to the President & director of strategic initiatives. Liddell was a Senior Vice President and CFO of Microsoft from 2005 to December 2009, where he was responsible for leading their worldwide finance organisation.