MyTunes gives your device something to listen to


The Windows Mobile world, for ages has experienced an acute shortage of eye candy, best excemplified by by the media player , but an XDA member has ventured into the app making world to bring us the above application. The software is called MyTunes and unlike WM media player, it looks mildly attractive while keeping most of the essential functions. The application is currently in test phase and while not as great at HTC’s media player, it has some great potential and as it evolves I am sure we will see more improvements.


Here are the new features(VGA & WVGA Only):

–a new album song list view with the ability to change albums while in the view.
–updated shade slider; reversed the direction that it moves the albums so its more of a slider than any sort of album flow
–holding the top bar until it turns red will bring up settings page.
–The player now shows you the current playing track in blue so that you can easily jump back to the album that the song is in.
— you can now clear out the current playlist, save playlists, load playlists and also Concatenate multiple playlists… sort of (just got it set up so its not perfect yet. )
— Settings allow you to set default folder , and the default playlist. repeat and random toggle buttons are hooked to anything yet.
— new volume slider, just click on the speakers in the corner to bring it up, then slide it back down when you are done.
— you can now throw away albums you no longer want in your playlist by swiping them down into your folder