MyThings Pro !! One of the most advanced task management app released


Discover MyThings Pro. One of the most useful app on Windows Phone.

Some of you may already know about MyThings, one of the first Windows Phone application and most recommended application ever developed for this platform. Ahead Solutions is now proud to announce the brand new release of MyThings Pro with great Mango features.

Like thousands of MyThings users, we invite you to enjoy the following features:

  • Extensive integration with Windows Phone Mango
  • Automatically imports meetings and addresses from Windows Phone calendars and locate your tasks within MyThings!
  • Pin individual tasks to Windows Phone screen
  • Dynamic and advanced live tiles / individual tasks
  • Repeating tasks (weekly, daily, monthly…)
  • Reminders per task
  • Task localization on bing map with directions to go to your meetings or places on time
  • Online tasks backup using your free member account
  • Live tiles and notifications and much more…

Last but not least: a fully redesigned application and a great user experience.

MyThings Pro is one of the most advanced and integrated third party windows phone Mango application. Manage your personal and professional tasks like never before.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question: . Again we thanks all our users for their support since the first release of MyThings and hope you will enjoy using this brand new version.

Download the app for FREE (free trial up to 5 tasks) from Marketplace here.

Get the full version with unlimited usage for $3.49.

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