MyMemory Master : Try for free the largest collection of memory games and have fun.

TRY MY MEMORY MASTER FOR FREE and get the largest collection of Memory games in one single Application. Discover 22 themes, 1 and 2 players modes, more than 300 pictures & cards to discover! Ideal to play with friends, family, children or against the clock. MyMemory Master App is the largest collection of memory games available on Windows Phone.

MyMemory Master App contains the following themes (that’s a total of 22 MyMemory games bundle in one package !!!) :

  • Christmas memory theme
  • Easter memory theme
  • Holidays memory theme
  • Autumn memory theme
  • Spring memory theme
  • Summer memory theme
  • WInter memory theme
  • Carnival memory theme
  • Animals memory theme (Very funny for Kids !)
  • Ski memory theme
  • Sports memory theme
  • Mountains memory theme
  • Forest memory theme
  • Dancing memory theme
  • Music memory theme
  • Far West memory theme
  • France memory theme
  • USA memory theme
  • Italy memory theme
  • Spain memory theme
  • School memory theme
  • Cities memory theme

* MyMemory games are also sold separately

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Ahead Solutions also offers you a free trial for this app. Play one game for free.

Ahead Solutions is an innovative company that develops many games & apps for Windows Phone including : GeoQuizz, MyThings (top to do list app), AlcooloTest (Alcohol Tester app), Hangman (Business man, cowboy…) and many more to come.

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