myMedia WP7 (v1.6) super juicy mango edition now in Marketplace

myMedia WP7 is designed to provide access to your TVersity server on your WP7 device.
By using myMedia WP7 in conjunction with TVersity (and the profile provided) you can stream music and video from your home server directly to your phone anywhere in the world, using either wi-fi or 3G connectivity.

Version 1.6 is a Mango edition and is now awaiting certification.  The app features:

  1. Background Audio – this is a big one. It means you can stream your music while navigating throughout the app, or even leave the app entirely. Kudos to MS for implementing this ability.
  2. Now Playing panorama item – There is now a dedicated panorama item showing you the current playing track, if it’s actually a track you’ve set playing through myMedia WP7. Pause/Play the tracks from this item by tapping on the album art (more features to come).
  3. Smoother scrolling listboxes – I didn’t have much to do with this. Kudos to Microsoft and Telerik for improving their controls.
  4. Fast resume – again, I didn’t actually have to do anything for this. Microsoft did all the hard work.
  5. Updated icons. The existing icons were served by Tversity itself, and didn’t really fit into the metro theme. These have been ‘metrofied’.
  6. Listboxes that operate like the AppList page in the OS. For lists with more than 45 items, a jump list will appear. Otherwise, you’ll see a standard list. This compresses the space you need to scroll for shorter lists.
  7. Faster recent items panel. I’ve completely refactored the way the recent items panel works. Much faster now, although it currently doesn’t have all the features of the previous version as yet (i.e. you can’t remove an item).
  8. Added a help page to assist in setup if required.
  9. Fixed a bug that prevented streaming audio and video from RSS feeds.
  10. Many more things I forget. Consider them Easter eggs.

myMedia is $1.49 with a free trial. Read more about the app at the developer’s website here.