My Thoughts On HTC Statements Regarding Windows Phone 7

Today we reported on some statements made by HTC’s Eric Lin who is online community manager, and I am having a few problems with what he said. The statements from the way I read it was not what I would like to hear from them, and so here are my though on everything they said.


"We have every expectation that we’re going to be there on day one,"

That is great, shows that they are working as hard as Microsoft, by developing devices to run the OS.

I know that we’re working with Microsoft. I know that we have access to the OS, to the tools, so I have every reason to believe that we’re going to be there on day one"

This says to me that Microsoft is actually staying committed to their earlier statements saying OEM’s are very important, and that they will work hard to keep them happy.

"I think it might be one of those cases that they don’t have to," explained Lin. "Honestly, nobody doubts HTC’s dominance when it comes to Windows phones. If anybody does doubt our dominance, it’s only because they’ve never seen sales figures.”

Now here is where my problem is. From what Eric says, I am beginning to think HTC is going to the dark side. Becoming an arrogant company that might let their sale figures be seen as an all clear on innovation. This is the route APPLE takes because they have great sales figures, and so they do not have to try too hard, and with HTC’s brand name growing at a supersonic speed, I am worried they might start skimping.

"I think it’s one of those cases where we’re really in a situation where people don’t mention us because they simply don’t have to. We’re the ones where it’s so accepted, you never have to say anything about us"

This again shows my point of them becoming a bit full of themselves.

"We won’t be able to change the core applications. We won’t be able to put a skin on top of the operating systems like we’ve done in the past.”

That is great because that says MS is very confident in their product, and they are not allowing anyone to change it.

"However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything. We can add. We can’t cover, we can’t change, but we can add. So we’re going to look at how we can add, and how we can add value because of that.”

This is also great, and like some comments in the original post say. HTC could simple bring over some Sense features in the form of tabs, for example Footprint, Twitter, Stocks, Ebook, and maybe even documents.

"Even for the homescreen [Microsoft] is pretty prescriptive. But we can still add to the homescreen, so we can add our own tiles to that. It’s going to be a lot more adding than changing".

Same though as above.


Well that is all I have to say about it. HTC is my favorite phone producer, and I would really hope their statements about not needing to show anything is proof that they have something truly great. But if they are becoming too into their awesomeness, and will just bring something that has HD2 like spec sheet with a new look and a bigger HTC logo on the back, then I am sorry but the are more than one Windows Phone maker *cough* Dell *cough*.

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