My Thoughts On Dell Venue Pro


After long time, I had a chance to play with Dell Venue Pro device for more than a week. It was the only device, which I want to play with and never had a chance to do so. Though it would be inappropriate to look at a old generation device, I just want to share my experience with the device. Even though the device looks great as its specs, what about sales of the device ? Why it didn’t became a top seller? Find my thoughts on Dell Venue Pro’s software and hardware and Dell’s execution on these device after the break.

Regarding Software : 

Dell Venue Pro handles both Windows Phone NoDo and Mango as smooth as we expect, which is not anything special as every Windows Phone device does it. I heard complaints from users related to Wi-Fi bug , random restarts, some freezing moments due to firmware. But seriously, I didn’t even restart the device once. As I got an unlocked Dell Venue Pro device, there was no carrier specific apps.

Regarding Hardware:


One word that comes to my mind, HUGE.. Its really huge for me when compared to my HTC Mozart which slips into my pocket with ease. With the size, you get a 4.1 inch AMOLED screen and a vertical sliding qwerty keyboard. Leaving the size factor apart, the next thing that comes to your mind when you handle the device will be its solid feel. Its really well built and Dell has got the design right. The material choice used on the device is also great. You have textured plastic back and aluminium like feel on the sides and somewhat rubberized top and bottom. The device front is covered by Gorilla glass which is pretty great under which AMOLED display resides. Though the screen size is big, quality is bad when compared to Samsung’s Focus with Super AMOLED or HTC Mozart’s Super LCD. Though blacks look extremely black, I’m disappointed with white color display on this screen. 


The device has an 5MP camera with flash which works fine as you expect. The image quality can’t be rated great but its definitely not bad. It would be handy for your casual photography. At last, coming to the one last hardware feature which I think will be the unique selling point of the device, its qwerty keyboard. Though its difficult to use the keyboard in a single handed manner, it just works when you put your both thumbs in actions. Don’t expect a Blackberry like keyboard from this device, but it performs well.

Dell’s Execution:  

When Dell Venue Pro made its debut on the market as a leaked image called Dell Lightning, everyone in the blogosphere got excited and expected it to be a killer Windows Phone device. Though the device was same as they expected, it didn’t make much impact in the market. One reason that I would like to point out is, Dell’s Execution. First their supply chain, then their PR and then their lazy engineers. On the supply chain thing, the device got numerous delays. It was launched months later than expected, that’s a huge disaster. People who locked it as their next device, simply moved on by the frustrating delays. I really don’t know what Dell has on its mind, if they can’t get a single device launch in a timely manner, I highly doubt their ability to scale up production as Samsung or HTC or Apple does. On their PR, they just ignored the customers both before buying the device and after buying it. When it suffered from WiFi bug, firmware issues, etc they rarely posted on the matter on informing what’s going on. Then the lazy engineers who delayed the fixes for the devices by months. Dell Venue Pro is a great example of how a great product can be made poor when badly executed.

Will I recommend this device to anyone? Yes, If size and weight doesn’t matter to them.

What do you think of this matter? I’m sure current Dell Venue Pro users are enjoying their devices as we do with other Windows Phone devices.

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