My Phone web service to integrate with Windows Live Contacts, Calendar


3, 2009

The My Phone team has posted up a blog post acknowledging the feedback they have been receiving since the launch of the service some weeks ago, and they have some good news.

“Window Live suite of services provides a fantastic user experience around Contacts, Calendar, Photos and other user needs. We too are big fans and ardent users of these services and it is natural for you all to ask for tighter integration so that all of your personal data is consolidated in one single view. The initial goal for My Phone service was to test the concept and validate that we are solving a real problem for the users. Now that we have a resounding vote of confidence for the service our future plans are moving in this direction.“

This is big news and an indication of a more fuller featured service than first promised, answering the demands of many for Microsoft to simplify and integrate their many offerings.

The My Phone team also promised to address any criticisms, such as the ability to sync more data types, backup data that’s already synched with an Exchange server and make further improvements to the web-facing side of the service.

Hopefully these improvements can come rapidly, as with Microsoft often the feeling is that all the parts are there, but the vision to thread them all together is lacking.

Read the full blog post at the My Phone team blog here.

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