My Phone for Windows Mobile shutting down 6th October

In its day My Phone for Windows Mobile was a pretty good service, and offered features which we still have not seen in Windows Phone 7.

However all good things must come to an end, and as Microsoft phases out support for Windows Mobile it is also withdrawing services which support it.

On their website Microsoft has announced that back-ups will stop on the 7th August and the website will shut down on the 6th October 2011.  Photos, calendar, contacts and text messages will be migrated as files to Sky Drive, while users will need to remove or lose their videos, music, documents, favourites and tasks.

Unfortunately it seems Microsoft will not be making it easy to save your content en masse, with items needing to be saved one at a time.  Users will however have until 5th October 2012 to request their content on CD.

The Marketplace for Windows Mobile website will also be shutting down, but will remain available from the phones themselves.

We hope Microsoft take some of the good ideas of My Phone, which includes a near complete back-up of the most important data of your phone in the cloud, and incorporate it into a similar service for Windows Phone 7 also.

Read more about the termination of service at Microsoft here.

Will any of our readers be affected by this shut down? Let us know below.

Thanks Tommy for the tip.