My Little Farm–a new twist on Tower Defence, now with online playable demo

My Little Farm for Windows Phone 7CK7 Studios have let us know they have now released the final demo of their new Windows Phone 7 game, My Little Farm, which combines Tower Defence with a dash of Space Invaders and whack-a-mole, all set in an idyllic pastoral setting.

You play the role of the farmer defending your sleep from the Pixie invading force, and like most Tower Defence games you have to set up artillery to defend your position. Unlike those games however these guns do not fire themselves, adding an extra layer of excitement to the usual boring but tense part of the typical tower defence game.

All this of course before the sheep come along and mess everything up… 🙂

Give the Silverlight game a try right now at and don’t forget to Facebook Like the demo on the same page.