My HD2 Scare #2: Dropped hard


Today has been a bad day for my HD2, and since there does not seem to be much Windows Phone news, I thought I should share with you what happened. Well I was on the phone with K&N Filters about my Mitsubishi Evo’s filter. While on the phone, I totally forgot that I was using a headset, and so while standing up… it slide and feel off my pants. The phone feel, and I tried to catch it but it landed on both sides, and then on the screen. These all took place outside on the hot, Minnesotan asphalt. I was so worried I hesitated while picking up the phone. When I finally got it picked up, I turned it around to look at the screen, and thankfully the HD2 is not an iPhone. The screen was uninjured, and I was quite surprised that after a major fall like that, I just got some bumps…. but I guess a skin will fix it.