My First Week Thoughts On The HD2


I have had my HD2 for the last week or so, and I think its about right that I say what I have been doing with it and how I feel about it after a weeks use. Now if you reading this thinking I am going to say something like the GREATEST device ever or something bias, I will not do that, I am being 100% honest about what I think of the HD2.

Huge Screen:
The huge screen to me was really what made the HD2 the HD2. It gives it a great look, and with the screen size you can watch any video without a problem, and when using Swype, it works very nicely with the screen. I have had some dislike to the size at curtain points in time, for example. Just two days ago, I received my new HTC Droid Incredible, and I noticed how huge the screen really was, and I realized that its a little too large.

The one thins this huge screen is great for is when those occasional iPhone owners walk around. I just take out my device, play some games on it, and they feel small and put away their device. To be honest, when I look at the iPhone now, the screen looks like a 3” screen to me.

1Ghz Processor:
The processing speed of this phone is truly magnificent. Going through menus is simple, and swift. Watching movies is also very simple, and I love the speed it can decode it and all. Going through Sense is finally smooth, I was getting tired of waiting 2 years for it to load on my TP2.

This processor is not fail safe. I mean this being Windows Mobile, and me being a heavy tweaker, I have managed to get my device to freeze on occasion(about 7 times), and when it freezes, I have to reset the device. I have also noticed how much power Windows Mobile required to operate. I noticed this because I have the HTC Incredible, and it also has a 1Ghz snapdragon processor, and it runs smoother than the HD2, and I think it is because Android is a simpler, lighter OS.

Final Thoughts:
Those are the two main factors of the HD2. It is a great device, and with multi-touch, thin metal body, and quality build, it is even better. I cannot say its the greatest device ever, because from what I have experienced with the Droid Incredible, its faster, smoother, thinner, and more natural in hand and so without saying it, the HD2 is the greatest Windows Mobile device, but I cannot say it is the greatest device I have ever used, and if you do not believe me, wait till you see my Video VS of the HD2 and Droid Incredible.

Neither the less, after a week, I like the HD2, have updated it 3 times, reset 7 times, installed 20 apps/tweaks, and after I post this article going for the 4 flashing(update).

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