My Favorite ROM Of June-Present


5, 2010

Author WenWP // in News

In our previous post asking what people want from us, I received some requests asking if we could have some more ROM articles. This is not my review of Elegance’s latest release, but just a pre article telling you that if you are an HD2 owner looking for a stable, fast, and smooth ROM to replace what you currently have… This ROM is the best (from my experience).

I have said this before, but I used to be the biggest Energy ROM fan. Flashed it with my Touch Pro, Touch Pro 2, and HD2. I always used them, and recommended it till one day when NRG did not update the ROM for over 7 days (I know, he never does that), I starting itching to flash (flashaholic) and found Elegance ROM. Since then I have only used it on my HD2 every release is better than the previous and is not constantly updated(like other ROMs), and that is because it is stable, and simply perfect. When an update is available (twice a month usually), it just brings updates to the software, not much fixes (non that I have noticed).

I am just about to flash this ROM, so if you trust me, you should try it ASAP, and get ready to enjoy your device much more.

Download and Read the Thread

My Slogan for Elegance ROM “Elegance ROM, Once you go Elegance, you will be a bit unfaithful at times, but you will always go back”

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