Muzik wireless smart headphones now available for order

Muzik announced a new initiative with Microsoft to release the first open source, cross-platform Muzik Software Developer Kit (SDK) back in April this year. The Muzik SDK is available on Windows 10, Android and iOS for building innovative applications for its smart headphones and future products.

“Headphones have seen minimal innovation over the past several years and we’re looking forward to working with the Muzik team who understands the importance of fusing hardware and software,” said Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Developer eXperience & Evangelism (DX) group. “An open SDK is a playground for developers and we’re excited to see what will be created to enhance experiences through Muzik.”

Today, Muzik announced that Muzik One is available for order from Amazon in the US. It is the first wireless, smart headphones to control third-party applications. With one touch, users can access their favorite Spotify playlist, hear live news, activate voice controls and much more. Hopefully, it will have integration with Microsoft Groove in the future.


  • Exterior – Aircraft aluminum metal and protein leather make for an incredibly sleek and durable design that delivers superior comfort.
  • Interchangeable On Ear & Over Ear cushions – Two headphone models in one so you can magnetically attach or detach the on ear and over ear cushions to customize your experience.
  • Custom Tuned 40mm drivers – Muzik drivers have an enhanced DSP which offers amazing sound quality with award-winning performance.
  • Living In The Moment – Passive noise-isolation technology that allows you to step away from the noise around you but not affect the sound quality.
  • Connectivity – Analog and wireless Bluetooth technology gives you the choice for how you’d like to connect with your smartphone.

Order it here from Amazon.

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