Muslim Prayer Times for Windows Phone 7

Today is the first day of Ramadan and the start of the yearly 28 day fast for observant Muslims.

Rather disappointingly there seems to be no specific app in Marketplace for this niche, with the best Marketplace can do being around 6 applications which produce prayer times.

The best of the lot appears to be Muslim Prayer Times for Windows Phone, which is a $1.99 app, unfortunately without a trial.

The app does however provide numerous features, including prayer time push notifications and a live tile, and all proceeds go to charity.

The app features:

  • Show the prayer schedule for current day and gives the ability to show next and previous days schedules indefinitely
  • Support push notification. Whenever prayer time becomes due, your phone shall receive a toast notification for that prayer plus a tile notification that shows next prayer’s time.
  • Show the remaining time for current prayer and every next prayer (by tapping on the prayer name).
  • Displays monthly prayer schedule for any month across the year.
  • Playing Athan when prayer time is due while the application is running, and the app supports staying active while the screen is locked.
  • Show the direction of Qibla from your city relative to north with overlay on aerial map of your current GPS location.

Muslim Prayer Times can be found in Marketplace here.