Music Drop – transfer tunes wirelessly from your PC to a Windows Phone via a web browser

Music Drop's mobile app windowHave you ever wondered what you’re missing most about Windows Phone 8? Yup – the answer is  wireless syncing. Probably most of us are fed up with wires and Microsoft didn’t make it easier in its new mobile platform, getting rid of what we all love about mobility – no strings attached. Luckily there are some people who care for those who love wireless syncing. Codeceptive Studios has come up with a simple yet extremely effective way to get all tunes directly onto the Windows Phone 8 without any need for cables. Music Drop, which is a tool we are talking about, is an app that enables wireless transfer of music files from a PC to a mobile phone via a web browser as long as both your devices are connected to the same wireless network. Once you open up the app on your Windows Phone, it creates a handy web server that will be used to upload your music from a PC.

I know what you’re thinking right now: a web server? Probably, it’s using a kind of cloud… What about my files’ safety – I don’t want them to get into somebody’s hands. No such thing, though. All your stuff is safe and copied locally within your own network so no other person in the world have access to your music besides yourself.

So how it all works then? First, both your PC and a Windows Phone need to be connected to the same wireless network. It doesn’t really matter if it is your home network or connection shared via your phone as long as both devices are within the same network.  In the app’s window you will find the URL which you need to copy and paste into a web browser.

The app's url visible in the main mobile app's window

While keeping the app running, open up this address in your browser.
* One major requirement is that the web browser must support HTML5 – but don’t worry probably all modern browsers use it.

Web access to the mobile app

Next steps are as simple as the app itself. Locate your music on the PC and simply drag and drop it into the cloud upload circle on the browser’s end. The files will be sent directly to your windows phone music library straightaway.
* After you drop the file into the upload area a progress bar will show and once the transfer is finished a message will pop up notifying about a completed upload. Additionally, you may check your copied tracks on the right hand side where all the tunes will be listed.

Progress bar of the uploading tune

QR code for Windows Phone StoreMusic Drop is a free app and is available for all Windows Phone 8 devices. The app can be found on the Windows Phone Store here.