Mush – another extremely pretty Windows Phone 7 game in the works


2, 2010

Mush is a new game in development by Angry Mango Games, featuring interesting and unique game play.

The game revolves around a little character called Mush. He decides that his village is too mundane and goes off on an adventure into his world to discover the missing emotions.

Using the Windows Phone 7 touch screen you draw a smile to make Mush happy, making him light and able to float upwards. Drawing a sad face saddens Mush and makes him sink in water and weigh down objects. Shaking the Phone angers Mush, allowing you to break obstacles and run faster.

The game is obviously still incomplete, and will in the final version feature more challenging game play.  That said the unique art style all by itself would make this a compelling buy at launch, if only to show of the graphical prowess of the OS.

Follow the development at here.

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