Murphid : Another Xbox 360 game comes to Windows Phone 7

The Xbox 360 version of Murphid

Murphid is an Xbox Live Indie action puzzler by Decapod Studios that is now making the jump from XBOX 360 to Windows Phone 7.

Just as in the XBOX and PC versions of Murphid, players must use their puzzle solving skills and fast reaction to withstand attack of marble hordes.

According to Decapod Studio the game features:

  • Engaging Campaign spawning more that 70 levels of marble blasting madness.
  • Three game modes for players to choose from to suit their playing style.
  • More than 10 powerups to help players redefine the game field and wreak havoc in a blink of an eye.
  • 8 exclusive Awards to boost the replay value further by throwing extra challenges at the player.
  • Pre-filled Leaderboard to give the game nostalgic, old-school touch.
  • Awe-inspiring HD visuals with full widescreen support.
  • Charming sound effects to create the ambience.
  • Adaptive gameplay technology for challenging and fun gaming experience for players of all ages.

Murphid will be available worldwide on Windows Phone 7 marketplace for $0.99.

Read more about the game at DecapodStudios here.