Munchkin Master for Windows Phone released

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Edit CombatMunchkin Master is a utility that helps players of the hit game Munchkin keep track of player bonuses, combat, and die rolls on their WP7. The interface is split into three different panoramas.

  • The “munchkins” panorama displays the Munchkins currently in the game.
    • The sword icon denotes the overall attack of the Munchkin.
    • The level icon denotes the Munchkin’s level.
    • The tunic icon denotes the overall bonuses granted by items (1 hand, 2 hand, armor, steeds, footgear, etc.)
    • The potion icon denotes one time bonuses that the munchkin receives from instant cards.
  • The “combat” panorama is used to keep track of combat. There are two sections that display the Munchkins currently involved in combat and the Monsters currently involved in combat. In the appbar there are three icons that serve the following functions.
    • “+ munchkin” opens a window that allows the user to select from the Munchkins currently playing to add to the combat.
    • “+ monster” opens a window that allows the user to input the details of a monster to add to combat.
    • “cleanup” clears all current munchkins and monsters from combat. Munchkins cleared from combat will have their temporary bonuses cleared.
  • The “dice” panorama allows the user to select from a D4, D6, D8, D12, or D20 to roll.

The user can select any munchkin or monster on either the combat screen, or on the munchkins screen to edit the level, bonuses, and temporary bonuses.

QRCodeThe app really comes in handy near the endgame when everyone is trying to prevent players from defeating a monster, and there are so many combat altering cards being played that it gets difficult to keep track.

You can find the Munchkin Master in the marketplace here. The app is $0.99 with a free trial enabled. The free trial is unlimited with ads enabled.

Check out the full details for Munchkin Master here.

Munchkin is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

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