Munchkin Battle Companion Application for Windows Phone

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Munchkin is a card based game which has met considerable worldwide success. The Munchkin Battle Companion is an application that can be used alongside the Munchkin card game to keep track of player levels, resolve battles with monsters and show level statistics. It is currently at version 1.2 with a commitment from the developer to continue updating the application adding new features, expanding on the UI, making use of any available user feedback.

The first page you come to shows the list of the available players in the application’s database and allows the user to select the ones that are going to participate in the new game. Sliding across you come to the Players screen of the Panorama. Here the user can add or remove players from the database and can access the player statistics page.

When the user selects to start a new game he is taken to the first screen of Running Game Panorama where the level of each of the participating players can be adjusted. The levels are shown in a thermometer like counter with dedicated buttons to level up or down each player.

The second page of the Panorama is where player vs. monster battles are resolved. The user can enter the player’s level and equipment as well as the monster’s level and then there are buttons that will add or subtract battle bonuses from the participants depending on the cards played for or against them. When a user reaches level 10 the game can be ended and the levels that have been acquired by the players are added to the respective database for statistical purposes.

The player statistics page is where the user can see the player’s performance in time. The first screen of the statistics Panorama is dedicated to player performance. This is represented by four indices. The first two indices are the number of games won and the total number of levels acquired throughout all games played by the player. The second two indices are more representative of player performance: the percentage of games won in relation to all the games played by a player and the average number of levels gained by the player per game.


The second game of the Panorama is for PvP comparisons. The comparison fields are the percentage of games won and the average number of levels gained since they are independent of the total number of games a player has played.

The last Panorama page contains four top 3 list of the players with the highest score in the fields measured by the player statistics.

There is a trial version of the application with limited functionality and the full version costs 0.99 €. You can find it in the windows phone marketplace here.

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