Multiple Metal Gear games are heading to PC


23, 2020

Konami is peeking out of the pachinko and back into the games industry with multiple Metal Gear games coming to PC. 

Reported by Gematsu, multiple listings for various games in Konami’s beloved game series have appeared on the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee’s website.

The ratings board lists multiple games in the series: the original, Metal Gear Solid and MGS 2: Substance. While all of these games have had PC versions over the years, they aren’t very compatible with modern hardware or easily found.

These games aren’t the only titles listed on the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee’s website. In fact, other Konami franchises also appear; Konami Collector’s Series: Castlevania and Konami Collector’s Series: Contra make the cut.

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Despite Konami’s recent releases of the Castlevania Anniversary and Contra Anniversary collections already available on PC, the Japanese developer appears to be re-releasing previous collections from way back in 2002.

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