Multi-protocol IM + rumoured for January/February release

by Surur
December 23, 2010

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implusWPCentral reports on a credible poster, Nabil, previously from, who reported in their forums on some of the communication he had with ShareServices, the company behind the multi-protocol IM+ client, which supports MSN®, Yahoo!®, Google Talk™, AIM®, MySpace™, Jabber, ICQ®, Facebook®, Skype™ and Twitter.

We already know IM + are planning a Windows Phone 7 client (they tweeted as much a few weeks ago).  Now Nabil reports we can expect the software in either January or February.

He writes:

I just got word from my person at Shape Services. They are testing IM+ for Windows Phone 7 internally, so it’s not vaporware, and are planning to drop it on us in "January-February." Horray!

Connection to AIM and Skype in particular is much desired at present on Windows Phone 7, so I am sure there are many who can not wait to get their hands on this software.


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