Multi-player games for the Windows Phone Family


Now that we’ve established that the majority of our readers actually have two or more Windows Phone users in the family, it suggests we should be paying a bit more attention to apps and games which give you a shared experience, especially useful in providing something to do while you wait for your meal to be served or other family activity.

For this kind of activity you don’t want anything that will take too much of a commitment or be too intense, so we have scoured the Windows Phone Store for some casual games to keep you occupied while waiting for your pizza to arrive.

MissileBattle is a simple Battleship-like game that appears perfect for whiling away a few minutes and still leaving room for conversation. It works over Bluetooth and pairs via NFC, so it is pretty simple to use. Despite being unrated it worked perfectly when I tested it, and being free with ads it probably deserves a bit more love.

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In a similar vein TicTacToe BT brings that classic game to Windows Phone, is free and works well in testing, though the UI could be a bit clearer. It also makes it very easy to share the game with another player who have not installed it yet, but appears to require NFC.

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Another fun free game is Social Artist, a Draw Something clone that’s free and which also features Facebook integration.

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Are there any other fun multi-player games our readers play which can be dipped into and out of easily? Let us know in the comments below.