Muggers prove stupidity by stealing, returning Windows Phone



Author Surur // in News

Proving once and for all that you don’t exactly have to be the sharpest person to be a mugger, two muggers robbed Kevin Cook and a friend at gunpoint of his 2010 LG Quantum Windows Phone in Central park this weekend.

However on seeing the rather archaic sliding screen and keyboard they promptly returned the handset and made their getaway.

“He just took a look at it and he didn’t recognize it at all. I just assumed that he couldn’t make any money off of it. So he handed it back to me and a minute later I was able to call 911 and get the whole thing started,” Cook said.

“It’s like, finally a pro for having something out of date,” he said.

Do our readers think the thieves were right to turn down the LG Quantum, which had its own share of fans, or is this just another case of Windows Phone haters? Let us know below.

Via CBS New York

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