[Update: New update is out!] MSPU app for Windows 10 gets Priority Notifications, and more!

Hey everyone, we have released a new minor update for the app with some bug fixes. Here’s the changelog for version 3.0.3:

  • We have fixed an issue which caused some articles to get cut off
  • We fixed the issue which prevented the Insider tab from appearing on Mobile devices
  • We fixed an issue which broke the menu button in some scenarios
  • We fixed the What’s New box on the light theme
  • Other tiny improvements

The update should be live now on the Windows Store. Please let us know if you find any bugs in the comment section below.

The original article about the previous update (version 3.0.2) follows below. 


Today, we are releasing a new update for the official MSPoweruser app for Windows 10 devices. With the latest update, we are adding two new features, and fixed some other issues throughout the app. Let’s start off with Priority Notifications, which will help you get notified about the important news only and avoid getting lots of notifications from the app. We publish more than 30 articles everyday, which means you’ll get 30+ notifications from the app everyday — pretty annoying, right? Well, with the priority notifications, you will only get notifications about the important announcements, editorials, and some breaking news. To enable Priority Notifications, just head over to the Settings section of the app, and choose Priority Notifications from the Push Notifications dropdown.


Over the past couple of weeks, we received a lot of feedback about the Comments section in the app. With the latest release, we are addressing some of those issues. Firstly, the app now supports Disqus themes. For example, if you use the Dark theme on the app, you’ll get a dark theme on Disqus, too — and if you use the Light theme, Disqus will automatically show the Light theme for you. In addition to themes, we have also fixed the login issue for Disqus on mobile with the latest update. The update also fixes the weird font rendering on Disqus, so the Comments section should now look slightly better.

Oh, we are also adding a new Anniversary Update section to the app ahead of the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. In the Anniversary Update, you can stay up-to-date with the latest news about the Anniversary Update pretty easily. However, do keep in mind that this is just a temporary addition, and it’ll get removed a few days after the Anniversary Update is released.

As usual, there are some other minor fixes throughout the app, so here’s the full changelog:

  • Say hello to Priority Notifications! Get notifications about the most important news right on your Action Center!
  • The comment section now adapts to the app’s theme (light/dark)
  • We’ve added a new Anniversary Update section as we are just several days away from the release. This section is temporary, and will be removed after a few days
  • We have fixed the issue which prevented users from logging into Disqus on Mobile devices
  • We have fixed an issue where the live tile wouldn’t get disabled properly
  • Fixed an issue which caused the app to crash while sharing an article
  • Fixed an issue where the Surface section couldn’t be opened.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the app to crash for users in China
  • Many UX improvements
  • Small UI Tweaks

We have already started working on the next major update for the MSPU app, so we may not release any updates in the next few weeks. We believe the app still needs a lot of improvements, so please let us know here if you have any feedback or issues.

The latest update for our app, version 3.0.2 should now be live on the Windows Store and you can get it from here:

Developer: MSPoweruser
Price: Free