MSPoweruser Podcast 26: The Insider Program takes a break & Cortana heads to a speaker

While everyone might be heading home for the holidays, there’s still some nice news scattered throughout the week. Both Vernon E. L. Smith and Andrew Bennett are ready to dive in, even if it’s cold outside!

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This week’s app of the week is Tweet It! It’s a Twitter client that’s been around since the Windows Phone 7 days, and it handles notifications far better than Twitter’s own UWP app.

Tweet It! for Windows
Tweet It! for Windows
Developer: ‪My Amazing Big Fork‬
Price: Code needed

If you’d like to check out some of the Windows Store movie deals we talk about towards the end of the episode, the web version of the collection can be found here. You can also pick up Elf for $4.99 and get $5 to spend in the Windows Store here until December 18th.

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