MSPoweruser app updated with bug fixes and UI improvements

We recently launched a massive visual update to the official app, and while the app looks absolutely amazing, the number of bug reports I received suggests the journey has also been somewhat difficult.

The development team have however been working really hard at addressing all of the issues, and have pushed out an update with a number of fixes to version  of the app, which includes:

1. Fixed random crash while opening articles
2. Comments now span across full screen in mobile
3. Fixed Notifications and Live Tile bugs
4. Bug fixes in Article rendering
5. Fixed store purchase bug
6. Added temporary fix for Disqus login

We are aware not all of the bugs have been fixed yet, so please bear with us as we continue working through these.

My special thanks to the development team for their diligent work: Kesava Prasad Arul (Lead Developer, will continue future development), Pranav Kulkarni (former developer, helped with the development of 4.0), Mehedi Hassan (Designer).

MSPU is being rolled out right now and should hit your device within the next 24 hours.

Developer: MSPoweruser
Price: Free