MSN News once more lets you select sources in newer updates

MSN News

After a long period of stagnation, Microsoft is working on making its OS more effective at delivering news to consumers.

In a new app update aimed at Windows Insiders, the MSN news app now allows you to select certain sources which you can peruse in the news app at your leisure. Long tome users of Microsoft’s MSN news app would note that this was a feature which existed prior in the Windows 8.1 universal app for both PCs and Mobile devices, Microsoft is simply restoring it to current devices running Windows 10.

Previously Microsoft added a feature to Cortana’s US app which allowed users to mute certain news sources, this feature seems to be in tandem with that one, allowing users to select articles that agree with them.

However, the implementation of this is a bit shoddy. Rather than Microsoft allowing websites to organically populate the pre-defined news sections like Technology or Health, all news from sources sit together in “my sources” with no organisation. Aside from that, the news firms in my sources appear to all be web wrappers of sites, which raises the question of why Microsoft simply doesn’t allow users to choose their own sources from the near infinite number of sites on the web if they are simply delivering web wrappers with no modification.

Download MSN News from the Windows store below: