MSI GeForce 65 Thin 10UE-092 Offers Ultimate Shockwave for a 17% Off

MSI GeForce 65 Thin 10UE-092
MSI GeForce 65 Thin 10UE-092

Gaming is best with a laptop that gives you an incredible performance. In this case, you might want to check out the ultimate shockwave experience with MSI GeForce65 Thin 10UE-092 that offers high speed, superb resolution, and audio at a $220.00 discount (after a $100 rebate Card) at Newegg.

GF RTX 30 series offers high-speed laptops for gamers and creators. Among these is MSI GF65 Thin 10UE-092 with 8 GB memory. It starts up fast enough so you can turn on the power button and get started in a matter of seconds.

MSI GF65 is built with the renowned NVIDIA’s 2nd Gen RTX architecture – the Ampere, with the new RT and Tensor Cores. Its CPU is powered with the latest 10th Gen Intel Core i7, which bests the previous generation’s performance with a 15% boost. It has 6 cores with up to 5.0 GHz single-core Turbo. Such a higher single-core frequency yields a level-up gaming experience.

Further, MSI GF65 is designed with streaming multiprocessors for the ultimate ray-traced graphics and ground-breaking AI features that take gaming to a whole new level. With AI rendering, NVIDIA DLSS, the frame rates are improved without trade-offs on the image quality. This is achieved through the GF RTX’s AI processing Tensor Cores.   

With 144Hz IPS-level thin-bezel display, you get incredible visuals so you can enjoy the play without a miss. Such high-quality graphics and speed in a Full HD 15.6” screen sure make a great combo. This also makes MSI GF65 a prime choice not only for gaming but also for a high visual experience when you’re in a mood to binge on movies. Hi-Resolution audio would also add up to the overall experience with its premium quality sound. Further, the new Nahimic 3 would boost audio immersion. This will level up your 3D in-game surround sounds.

All these fantastic features are packed in a thin and light hair-brushed aluminum model with a metallic top. Another nice external feature of MSI GF65 is the responsive keyboards with a futuristic cover design which could be pretty stunning.

Additionally, MSI GF65 could be customized to fit your style. With its exclusive Dragon Center software, it has one unified system for greater ease in monitoring, adjusting, and optimizing MSI GF65 the way you want. Further, with the MSI APP Player, gamers get to enjoy the seamless experience between mobile and PC gaming. It permits extra customization with features such as the lighting in the RGB keyboard, improved graphics, and multi-tasking.

 Finally, you sure know that it is not only you who gets into the “heat” of the game. Laptops could also get hot in enthusiastic gaming. MSI GF65, however, is designed with up to 6 heat pipes to provide thermal solutions to its CPU and GPU to reduce the heat and support the airflow in a compact chassis. This way, you could be sure to enjoy a smooth gaming experience even in the heat of the game.

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