Mp4HtcHD – new easy video transcoding tool for the HTC Touch HD

Unfortunately, despite the promise of the huge 3.8 inch 800×480 screen, the HTC Touch HD’s video performance leaves much to be desired. The solution remains to re-encode your video into a format more palatable to your HD.

Video transcoding is still an arcane field. Thats were Jandre from XDA-Developers comes in. He made simple utility to handle the conversion of video in a variety of formats, and outputs it into simple MP4, which is easily viewable using the HTC Album application.

MP4HtcHD features are:
– Support for avi, mp4, wmv, mkv, mpg, m2v, mov, vob, flv
– Direct ripping from DVD.
– Adjust bitrate to resolution output video (from 250 to 800)
– Lets crop to our HD ratio aspect (5/3), and change the input video aspect ratio
– You can add, change order, or delete videos of the video pending queue in any time.
– Supports srt subtitles (if a srt file with same name is present)
– If height is greater than 480, it scales video
– Shows complete information of the video to convert (resolution, framerate, duration, etc)
– If input video includes multilanguage (Dvd, vob, mkv), you can select audio language, and subtitles language.
– You can select for each video the start and end position, and preview the video.
– You can join Mp4 of same resolution (if a video is split in two videos, you can convert each one, and after join them)
– You can select if computer hibernate/suspends or shuts down after converting process.
– If application is minimized you see actual progress.
– Multi language interface support (actually English, Spanish and Catalan)

The current version (1.8)  can be downloaded from mediafire, rapidshare and mega-upload here

Read more and keep an eye on this xda-developers thread for the latest version.