Movies & TV for Windows 10 Mobile adds PC improvements in newest update


31, 2016

Film and TV3

Microsoft has just pushed out another update to its Windows 10 Mobile Movies & TV app on mobile devices running Windows 10.

This update bumps it up to version 3.6.1867 and adds the following changes.

  • Improved media transport control layout and added “skip forward” and “skip back” buttons
  • Download time estimates are now available for films and TV programme downloads
  • Films and TV programmes can now be deleted from your collection on each of your devices

These changes were first introduced on the PC variant of the app, but after a bit more testing, Microsoft has now rolled out the update to mobile devices.

As the app is a preinstalled- uninstallable one, you can get the update by heading to the store and checking for updates. Alternatively, you can download the app from the store link below.

Filme & TV
Filme & TV
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