MoVend offers In-App purchase SDK for Windows Phone 7 developers

In App purchases have developed as a very important way developers monetize free applications on the iOS platform.  So far it has not been available via Microsoft for developers on Windows Phone 7.

Stream Media Private Limited, a Singapore-based company, has expanded its Android MoVend in-app commerce platform to Windows Phone 7.

This service enabling transactions and payments to take place seamlessly without exiting the applications. In addition to payment, MoVend provides user and license management, sales tracking and analytics.

The service supports 190 countries and allow billing via premium SMS, credit card, operator billing and Paypal. The service is free to sign up, but take around 10% of the charge as a transaction fee.

“We first launched MoVend in June 2010, and quickly received numerous requests from developers around the world to expand to other platforms. This is why we are so excited by this latest expansion to BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 operating systems. It allows us to work with more developers and companies to develop innovative products and services, and bring them to the world quickly and easily.” said Chua Zi Yong, CEO of Stream Media.

Read more about the service at here.