Move it Like You Meme it! A fun and Challenging Bop-it Style Game!


What do you get when you combine the challenge of Bop-it, the clever humor of Internet Memes, an instantly likeable main character, and wrap it all up in a friendly 8-Bit art style? You get Move it Like You Meme it! (MiLYMi), the latest creation from AlekoD.

MiLYMi follows the adventures of Happy Dog, the cutest hot dog you will ever see – (No really, he’s a Dachshund wrapped in a hot dog bun.)- as he obliviously thwarts the evil plans of the Game Over Cat, who is trying to become the next best Meme on the internet by stealing any Memes that stand in his way.

Follow the instructions in a timely manner to prevent the memes from being captured by the Evil Game Over cat (GO Cat). Collect the Doggy Treat coins after each round and use them to purchase great items in the store. Do you have what it takes to keep GO Cat and his Mice Minions from collecting the Memes off the internet?

Use your Dog Treat Coins for so many cool things, including:

  • Purchase Cheese to use in game and Slow those Mice Minions down!
  • Purchase Ringtones featuring the music from the game!
  • Unlock T.V. episodes and learn the whole story!
  • Purchase Lock Screen Images for your phone!
  • Be on the look out for occasional free cheese hanging around where it shouldn’t be hanging 🙂

Great Additional Features include:

  • Leader Boards show the top scores!
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Overall
  • In Game Achievements featuring additional internet memes
    • After you have earned an achievement, the badge will open a web browser with links to the specific meme the badge and achievement represents.
  • Collect Cat Cards!
    • Featuring some of the most popular Cat Meme!

See more pictures and a video demo after the break.

There are a lot of Easter Eggs and fun things to find, so explore and share your finds! Check out the Game trailer below.

Move it Like You Meme it! Game Trailer

Available here in the Windows Phone Store now!