Motorola shows off its own long-distance wireless charging system, the Motorola One Hyper


31, 2021

On Friday we reported on Xiaomi’s new long-distance wireless charging technology, and not to be left out, a Motorola executive in China posted a video showing off Motorola’s own version of the technology called Motorola One Hyper.

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The video shows two Motorola Edge handsets charging more than 100 centimetres from the transmitter, and also shows the transmitter shutting off when it detected the user’s hand between the charger and the device, presumably to prevent frying the body part.

Like Xiaomi, Motorola did not offer any information about a release date, but the Motorola executive was asking on Weibo whether fans would like to see the technology in future Motorola Edge devices.

According to leaker JimmyisPromo, Apple is also working on this technology, suggesting the future is indeed fully wireless.

via XDA-Dev

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