Motley Fool Asks if Microsoft is charging too much for Windows Phone

Motley Fool Asks: Does Microsoft charge too much for Windows Phone

In the above video from Motley Fool senior technology analyst Eric Bleeker and developer Chris Bledsoe asks if Microsoft is charging much too much for Windows Phone 7, especially as they attempt to advance into more price sensitive markets.

In particular they argue that Microsoft is still stuck on earning one-time revenue from selling software, rather than taking advantage of other revenue streams while giving their software away.

Microsoft has of course been very successful with this business plan, reporting record revenue each year, and has recently criticized Google for getting 96% of their revenue from advertising, which allows them to give their software away for free but which also makes advertisers, rather than anyone else, their main customers.

What do our readers think?  Should Microsoft be giving Windows Phone away while selling user activity and information to advertisers, like Google is planning, or should they stick to their current business plan, which may limit their success in places like China and East Asia?

Let us know below.