Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon hypes Series S affordability


14, 2020

Microsoft’s budget-focused Xbox Series S may not be as powerful as the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5, but if is an extremely affordable entry for gamers wanting to experience the next generation. 

Despite some being unsold on the lower-spec next-gen console after discovering it can’t run Xbox One X enhancements, Ed Boon explained the the console is more like a lower-priced iPhone than a low-end PC.

“Just like the lower priced iPhones (11 & SE) are the best sellers. The $299 Xbox Series S could very well be the best selling next gen Xbox,” Ed Boon wrote on his personal Twitter account. “High end & afordable line = Microsoft came to play.”

Considering Boon’s long-running role in developing intensive games on multiplatform systems for the past few decades, the developer’s thoughts on the placement of the Xbox Series S in the next generation are a valid insight.

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There’s no news on whether Boon’s previous projects – Mortal Kombat X, Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat 11 – will be enhanced for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S or PlayStation 5, but the developer is currently hiring for a next-gen project.

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