Morgan Stanley analyst predicts Microsoft will triple smartphone market share in 2 years



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thirdWe have seen multiple analysts predict the downfall of Windows Phone 7, so we do not mind bringing to the attention of our readers the ones that do not.

On this occasion Morgan Stanley analyst Ehud Gelblum is actually adding some analysis to his opinion, rather than simply extrapolating current trends.

"You could buy your way in, if you are Microsoft," he said. "This is a market where a deep balance sheet will help Microsoft determine where they want to go."

He notes a good marketing campaign can do wonders for adoption, with Ehud predicting Microsoft will hit 15% market share in 2012 (about the same as the iPhone’s share now)

"With [Microsoft’s] resources, I think they can sustain double-digit market share," he said.

He notes Microsoft, with $36.8 billion in the bank, could win market share in multiple other ways, including subsidizing phone costs.

He still however predicts Android will lead the pack with 30%, Apple next with 25%, and RIM, Nokia and Microsoft all having 15% of the market.

Read more on his analysis at The Street here.

Where do our readers think Microsoft will sit in two years? Preserve your opinion for posterity in the comments below.

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