More Windows Phone showing up in Windows 8


30, 2011

Author Surur // in News


Some recently leaked screen shots of Windows 8 show an ever stronger influence of Windows Phone 7.

The above shot (via Winrumors) over the shoulder of one of their presenters shows a tile-like start menu on the “immersive” UI that appears much more closer to the Windows Phone 7 version, with multiple tiles tightly grouped together.  Previous versions from earlier this year showed many fewer tiles spaced further apart.


This shot above (from this Microsoft video)  from the “Classic” UI still shows a metro-fied menu and date and time widget, indicating in Windows 8 you will never be far from the Windows Phone 7 look, even if you spend most of your time in the “Classic” UI.

Irrespective of how Windows 8 is received it is still guaranteed to sell hundreds of millions of copies.  Do our readers think this will serve to boost Windows Phone 7 sales due to increased familiarity with the user interface? Let us know below.

Thanks Brian for the tip.

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